Training Services


Satisfaction, success and fun playing tennis are our first priority. You can much improve your tennis skills through our highly qualified and motivating practices. Our experienced team of coaches supports you along the way. We offer a variety of different types of training. Chose from personal or group training with our experienced coaches. We have a fixed schedule of practices but you can also arrange individual time slots. For our “youngsters”, we offer the kids club, the ideal starting point for tennis, a life time sport. For those players seeking a more competitive profile we offer special fitness training and tournament assistance. 


Professional tournament assistance compliments our training program offers. We’ll take care of the tournament planning, the player pass, the transport for you. During the tournament we’ll look after the players. The tournament support program includes the professional warming up, the rallying of balls and the development of the match tactics. Also included is a detailed analysis of the match so you can learn from both your successes and mistakes. Mid- and long term this leads to a significant improvement of your performance.

  • Club and team training
  • Individual training
  • Group training
  • Kids Club
  • Fitness coaching
  • Skill and performance development camps
  • Scouting and support of talents
  • Training camps
  • Intense practices
  • Seasonal and tournament preparation
  • “Taster” sessions
  • Tournament assistance
  • Cooperation with schools and other clubs